Rose & Crown

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Basket of Bread with Olives and Oils. £4.20

Homemade Soup of the Day. £5.30

Prawn Cocktail. £5.90

Southern Fried Chicken. £5.50

Breaded Mushrooms with Garlic Dip. £5.50

Breaded Brie with Redcurrant Jelly. £5.50

Loaded Potato Skins with Cheese or Cheese and Bacon. £5.50

Duck Spring Rolls. £5.50
Nachos with cheese, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.  £5.50 or add Chilli for 80p.



Meat Platter with Pulled Pork, Chicken, Ham, Sticky Barbecue Sausages, Ciabatta and Pickles. £11.00

Fish Platter with Smoked Mackerel, or Trout, Smoked Salmon, Crab, Breaded Monkfish, or Calamari and Seafood Salad.  (Products may vary).  £12.90.

Combo Platter with Breaded Mushrooms, Onion Rings, Sothern Fried Chicken Strips, Potato Skins, Garlic Bread, Dips.  £11.00.


v-Goats Cheese and Asparagus.  £8.50.    Steak.  £9.40.

v-Cheddar Cheese.  £8.80.    Salmon Fillet.  £10.20.

v-Caesar.  £8.50.Chicken Caesar.  £9.30.                                                         Chicken and Bacon. £9.30.Prawn and Marie Rose.  £9.20.

All served on a bed of mixed salad, w house dressing, homemade coleslaw, and half crusty ciabatta.



Pies - Beef and Ale, Chicken, Ham and Mushroom, or Pie of the Day.   £10.90.

Smothered Chicken with Bacon, Cheese, and BBQ Sauce.   £10.50.

Chicken Breast in a Leek and Stilton Sauce. £10.50.

All above are served with either Fresh Vegetables or Salad, and either New Potatoes, Mash, Chips, or Jacket Potato.

Cottage Pie topped with Mashed Potato served with Vegetables.  £9.20.

Lamb Shank with Mash, Garden Peas, Minted Gravy.   £13.90.

Abby Butchers Roasted Ham, Eggs,with Chips, and Garden Peas.  £9.20                Trio of Sausages, Mash, Garden Peas, Red Wine Gravy. £9.20

Chilli Con Carne  with Rice. £9.90.
v and Vegan - Three Bean Chilli with Rice.  £9.90

Beef Lasagne with Chips and Salad.  £9.50.

v-Spinach and Ricotta Canneloni with Garlic Bread and Salad.  £9.90.

v-Vegetable Stilton Crumble with Salad and New Potatoes.  £9.50.

v-Butternut Squash, Goats Cheese and Lemon Risotto with Garlic Bread and Salad.  £9.90.

All Day Breakfast with Two Sausage, Two Bacon, Two Eggs, Black Pudding, Baked Beans, Half a Tomato, Mushrooms, and Toast.   £7.00.

Three Egg Omelette with Chips and Salad Garnish.  Plain. £8.50. either Cheese, Prawns, or Mushrooms, each 60p extra.


Breaded Plaice.   £10.80.  

Breaded Scampi.  £10.80. 

Pedigree Beer-Battered Cod. £10.80.

All served with Chips, and either Garden Peas or Mushy Peas.

Salmon Supreme with Champagne and Lemon Basil Sauce. £12.90.

Seabass, Lime, and Ginger Fishcakes.  £10.80.

All served with New Potatoes and Mixed Salad.


Chips. £2.50. 

Cheesy Chips.  £3.00.  

Portion of Vegetables.  £3.00.

Mixed Salad.  £3.00.

Garlic Bread.   £2.50.

Cheesy Garlic Bread.   £3.00.
Onion Rings.  £2.00.


100% Beef Burger.   £8.90.

Battered Chicken Burger.  £8.90.

v-Spicy Bean Burger.  £8.90.

or add Cheese, Bacon, or Chilli for 50p, or Pulled Pork for £1.

All served with Mayonnaise, Coleslaw, Salad, Burger Relish, and Chips, with a Toasted Brioche Bun.


Chicken Tikka Curry.  £9.00.

Beef Madras Curry.  £9.00.

v-Butternut Squash, Lentil and Spinach Curry.  £9.00
v and Vegan - Penyang Curry.  £9.00

Our Curries are served with Rice and Poppadum.


8oz Sirloin Steak.   £15.20.

10oz Rump Steak.  £14.90.

16oz Rump Steak.  £18.90.

Surf n' Turf(5oz Rump and Scampi).   £12.20.

'Rosie' Mixed Grill.(half Chicken Breast, Sausages, 5oz Gammon, 5oz Rump, Eggs)   £16.20.

All served with: Chips, Garden Peas, Tomato, Mushrooms, Onion Rings.

10oz Gammon Steak,with Pineapple or Egg, Chips, Garden Peas, Tomato, Mushrooms.   £11.30.

Add a sauce for £1.50 extra:- Diane, Pepper, or Stilton.



Seabass, Lime and Ginger Fishcake w Salad and New Potatoes.  £6-40
Abbey Butchers Roast Honey Roast Ham, Egg, Chips, and Peas.  £6-40
Two Sausage, Mash, Garden Peas, and Red Wine Gravy.  £6-40
Scampi, Chips, and either Garden or Mushy Peas.  £6-40
Two Egg Omelette w Chips and Salad Garnish. £5.90
or w Cheese or Mushrooms at 50p each extra ingredient.
5oz Gammon Steak, w either Egg or Pineapple, plus Chips, Mushrooms, Half Tomato, and Garden Peas.  £6-90
5oz Rump Steak w Chips, Garden Peas, Mushrooms, Half Tomato, and Onion Rings.  £7-50

All served with Salad Garnish and Homemade Coleslaw

Chilli con Carne - v and Vegan -Three Bean Chilli - Tuna Mayonnaise
Cheddar Cheese and Bacon - v-Cheddar Cheese - Cheese and Beans
all at £5-90
Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce. £6-40


Chicken and Bacon - Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato - Brie and Bacon
Cheddar Cheese - Sausage and Onion - Chicken Ceasar - Fish Finger

Sandwich £5-50  Ciabatta £5-90

Prawns in Marie Rose or Steak and Onion

Sandwich £5-90  Ciabatta £6-80


Choose either -Ham, Stilton, Brie or Cheddar, and we add -
Apple, Celery, Pickled Onion, Pickle, Salad Garnish, Coleslaw,, half Ciabatta

Sharer Ploughmans - Pulled Pork, Ham Cheese, Cheese Tart, Apple, Celery,
Pickled Onion, Pickle, Salad Garnish, Coleslaw, Ciabatta.  £11.00 User Agreement

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